Two funerals this weekend

Bethel Folks,

Thanks for coming to this site to find out about last Sunday here at Bethel.  It was a typical summer Sunday in that we have a bunch of people away for vacations & various other reasons, but we also had visitors here which was a blessing.  So attendance was mixed. 

We had two funerals this weekend.  One was for Amy Near’s mother, Elisa Bacon.  That was on Saturday morning with a luncheon afterwards.  She was a missionary with her now deceased husband for forty years to the Navajo people in NM.  So for the funeral we had a number of native Americans from their former ministry.  And they were absolutely delightful.  The other funeral was on Friday here at Bethel for Missionary Dan McCandless.  There were out-of-town guests for it.  He served over 25 years as a missionary to the Tohono O’oodam people.  Dr. Ed Nelson preached Dan’s funeral message which was a blessing to many.  After this funeral, there was a graveside service on the other side of town & then some folks came back to the church for a luncheon provided by the church.  I say all of this to tell you that the church family was physically weary after a triple-header.  We were glad to be there for both families & our folks did an exceptional job of hospitality & comfort for both, but they extended themselves & it was palatable on Sunday in the services.

On Sunday we were honored to have Missionary Adam & Leanne Pearlstein who are on their way to Seattle, Washington to plant a church.  He spoke in the teen SS Class, at children’s church, & in the evening service.  His message from the book of Job was powerful & beneficial.  The Missions Committee talked with them before the evening service & then the whole church heard & saw their ministry vision in the evening.

The morning service was without Pastor Seth who is on vacation with his family back in SC.  We missed them, but were blessed by the choir who did a fine job even in his absence.  Mr. Lance Owen led the song service admirably.  Mrs. Emily Blewett’s piano offertory of “When We All Get to Heaven” was a blessing to us all.  I then preached from Romans 6:23 on “The Destructive Nature of Sin.”  You will be able to access it on the website, but it will be a week or two until Seth gets back before it will be posted (I think.) 

So that is what was going on here at Bethel this weekend.  PTL for a faithful, hard-working church family who self-sacrificially cared for others on a very busy weekend.

Pastor Stertzbach