Warm and Wonderful!

Yes, we had a snow episode last week.  It was cold but quick.  PTL that it lasted only a day or two, but I am glad to report that today it is 71 degrees outside & expected to be 75 tomorrow!  AZ sunshine has returned. 

Yesterday was  lovely day both weather-wise & spirit-wise.  I cannot say that in relation to attendance, but that is God’s business.  Still, we had a wonderful day in the Lord.  The choir piano introduction by Mrs. Emily Blewett was excellent.  The choir’s new song, “King of Glory” was stirring indeed.  The beautiful choral harmonic sound  was appreciated by the whole congregation who gave it a sound ten on their amen-o-meter!  Then Miss Anna Carpenter’s stirring piano offertory was outstanding.  As she began playing “Mater, the Tempest Is Raging,” my wife turned & whispered, “That your song!”  I smiled broadly.  Her piano solo made me want to stand & sing!  The tender parts that built in tempo to the stormy part which retreated to the quiet stillness of Jesus calming by “Peace be still” was outstanding.  Wow, it was wonderful!  

So all of this prepared our hearts for the message from God’s Word in II Kings 17:7-18 entitled, “What in the World Is Going On?”  It is a passage written to a divided nation like ours in America now.  I think the message that I preached came through loud & clear.  It will be available on the website if you are interested.

 Then the evening service was unusual in its own rite.  It was abbreviated for a special treat at the end.  The choir sang a new song which they have been preparing.  The blended harmony from the get-go was delightful to our ears.  The altos solo; the men together, & then the whole choir was wonderful!  Then Mrs. Emily Blewett’s piano solo of “Glory to His Name” was a delightful offertory to the old Gospel song.  Pastor Seth then preached from James 3:6 on “Your Tongue Is a Fire.” He said in part, “We cannot tame the tongue, but as we yield it to God as Romans 7:25 says, there is victory.”

The treat was a “Soup-er Crockpot Event” after the service in the Fellowship Hall.  The Homebuilder’s Adult Bible class made four kinds of soup in crockpots & condiments for us all to enjoy.  THEN, Lance Owen led us in “campfire songs” that we all enjoyed immensely.  It was the perfect ending to a lovely Lord’s day!  Wish you were here to enjoy it with us!   

Pastor Stertzbach