Warm, Wonderful Sunday!

While the big freeze was descending on the Midwest, we had a lovely 70+ degrees day here in the desert.  When I hear of the double digit negative numbers of cold up there, it makes me shiver all the way down to my gizzard.  This is our time of year, & the reason that so many people come to AZ in the winter.  So we are enjoying it immensely.

The Sunday morning service was non-descript in many ways.  The singing was vibrant from the congregation, but that is usual for us, even though it is quite uncommon for most churches these days.  The choir sang an old favorite, “I Am Not Afraid.”  The ladies opened in unison, but when the men joined in harmony, WOW!  They did excellently!  The piano solo offertory was an arrangement of “Hiding in Thee” by Mrs. Emily Blewett.  It had a lot of fingering & included the song “Like a River Glorious.”  It was delightful.  The congregation then read out loud with me Psalm 38:1-8, & I preached on “Remember the Misery of my Soul.”  I have quite a repertoire of sermonic materials, but this particular passage, I had NONE except forTreasury of David by Spurgeon. .  That really surprised me.  So it was not a bad day all-in-all.

The evening service began with a bang.  We sang, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” which is one of my favorite congregational songs.  Pastor Seth then led in prayer.  The choir had a very sweet sound which ministered to us all in their harmony.  I was reminded as they sang how that music speaks to our feelings & the words of a song speak to our mind.  That is why vocal music has such a great ministry to our souls! 

Joseph Burt played a cello offertory accompanied by Mrs. Blewett on the piano.  The deep mellow sound of the cello was augmented by the words on the screen that “Jesus Paid It All.”  It was good to see a young person using their musical skills for the Lord in His service!  We were privileged to have the Babolola Family with us for the day.  They are nationals from Nigeria.  He is a student at IBCS in Chandler & is working on an M.Div. in Bible.  Shay had his precious wife, Abigail with him & the two darling kids, Barnabas & Christabel.  He showed his slides & then preached a good message from Nehemiah 1:1-4.  We were blessed; God was honored; & the church was stirred.  PTL for all of these good things on this precious Lord’s Day.  It might have been a non-descript day in some ways, but I have seen a LOT worse through the years.  So PTL from Whom all blessings flow!

Pastor Stertzbach