Welcome to Fall!

One of our church ladies is up in Wisconsin area staying with her aged mother.  She is in an independent living home, but they do not turn the heat on until the first of October no matter what the temperatures are.  It has been down in the forty’s & fifty’s there & the old people are freezing.  I know they are glad to see October first come.  That must be the official welcome to fall, but if not, it is close enough, huh?  

Yesterday I sensed the presence of the Lord in our services in a rich way.  We may not have had outstanding attendances during the day, but we had the One Who presence is necessary for true worship.  And that was a real blessing indeed!    I opened the AM service by praying for two New England pastors: Paul Anderson & Matt Fagan.  They are faithful men & real servants of the Lord.  Then the choir sang, “God of Heaven.”  Their blessed harmonic sound was soothing & healing to us in the congregation.  And the balance in the four parts was awesome.  But that was not all of the good music that we enjoyed yesterday morning.  Miss Anna Carpenter accompanied on the piano Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher’s violin offertory of “The King of Love my Shepherd Is.”  The touching sound of these two dedicated young woman & the great godly words on the screen made this a moving musical event for all of us!

Then I had the congregation read Luke 7:36-50 with me responsively.  I LOVE to hear the Word of God read by God’s people.  I then preached on “Forgiveness: the Proof of Christ’s Deity” from the aforementioned passage.  The people were definitely tuned in & listening carefully.  I was surprised that no one trusted Christ, but I know the Holy Spirit was ringing some bells!   I know that because some lost people told me so after the service.  So PTL for that.  He is not done yet & I look forward to hearing of their salvation soon.

The evening service was equally sparse in attendance, BUT it was a rich time in the Lord!  The choir again did an old favorite, but their harmony, distinct parts, & good dynamics made it very memorable.  Special kudos to the tenors & basses.  Then young Joseph Burt, just thirteen years old, was accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Emily Blewett for a cello offertory of “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  The church family was thrilled to see this budding cellist developing into a servant for the Savior.  He scored a resounding 10 on the amen-o-meter!  

We had a stimulating testimony time.  Some vibrant, moving testimonies were given that were clearly divine appointments.  Others shared touching stories of God’s work & grace this past week.  It was invigorating to hear of God working amongst His people.  I preached last night on “The Importance of a Disciplined Life.”  Again, folks seemed to be focused & tuned right in to the Word.  It was a special time together from many different angles.  PTL.

So that is the story from my perspective from yesterday.  It is not spin but rather my sincere view of the day.  The real test of a day of worship of the Lord however is not the preacher’s view of it, but God’s.  If He was pleased, then genuine worship occurred.  And that’s the bottom line. 

Pastor Stertzbach