An Overwhelming Day

Greetings again from beautiful Tucson!  It is 82 here today.  

As some of you may remember from my weekly note from last week, I resigned as the pastor of Bethel effective December 31st.  I cannot report on the services yesterday at Bethel because I was not there, but this weekly note gives explanation as to why it is needful for the church that I resign.

Yesterday I was at the church at 7:35 AM to make sure everything was ready to go as is my regular Sunday schedule.  About 8 AM I got a cell call from my mother’s care giver that Mom’s blood pressure was over 225.  She had taken it multiple times because she doubted her findings.  That of course is “possible stroke territory” for anyone let alone someone who is on B/P medications.  So I told her to give Mom her morning medications & call me back with a new reading at 9 AM.  I thought it would drop significantly in that time.  (Remember, I am an incurable optimist.)  But it did not drop much.  So I dispatched Diane to go to my mother, & I would join them at her place to decide what to do.  I talked to Pastor Seth apologizing for the discomforting situation, & ran over to my mother’s apartment.  We decided that we HAD to take her to the ER as the only responsible thing to do. 

We got her to TMC & they took her immediately into a triage room even though it was a standing room-only waiting room.  They instituted immediate testing on her & ushered us to an ER room.  That began a series of tests, doctor visits, & consultations.  Diane left about noon having to deal with her sister who was staying with us since being released from St. Joe’s Hospital the night previous.  So I stayed at TMC with my mother all afternoon as we waded through the tests & protocols.  In the end, she was released after 4 PM with the agreement that she also would spend the next two weeks at least with us to monitor her condition.

That meant that I had to drive her to her apartment & gather her things to stay with us.  (Do you know how slow a 92 year old patient moves? )  We got her fixed up with the necessities & drove to my home getting her unloaded & moved into a new temporary bedroom.  I then had to get Dalice at her house to bring her over to our place for supper that Diane had fixed.  We were all four starved from the day of non-stop activity without time to even eat!  It was after 6  PM before I got back to our house & I was DEAD TIRED at that point.  After eating we all just collapsed for the night.  It was a fatiguing day indeed!

On top of all of that, I was carrying around a BIG shiner on my left eye where I had surgery last Friday for a basal cell cancer near the left corner of my left eye.  It has since expanded all over the left eye socket & the stitches extend about two inches left of the eye proper.  Truthfully, it looks much worse than if feels, but it also was another complication in this “difficult weekend.” 

So neither Diane or I was in church all day yesterday.  But that gives you an idea of the stress of our sick loved ones that we bear.  It was only two of them on Saturday & Sunday, but we have  third one, Diane’s dad also.  Thankfully he was stable this weekend!  And Diane was functional for this weekend whereas she could have been down completely with her fibromyalgia.  I am thankful for the mercy that God gave us in the midst of everything.  But there you have it as to what was & is going on with us.  But now you know some of the stresses that we bear & why I felt it necessary to resign.  This was the first SUNDAY like this, but we have had weekdays like this many times.  I am sure you can certainly imagine the stress of it all.

So there you have a VERY unusual weekly note.  Please understand that I am not whining or complaining in the least.  It is just the explanation for yesterday’s Lord’s Day.  Thanks for praying for us.

Pastor Stertzbach