August 18, 2019

Greetings from everyone at Bethel Baptist!

It is great to visit again with you even if via email.  I hope that you are well & encouraged in the Lord.  I am as I have so much for which to praise the Lord today.  I suspect that the same is true for you also.  So let us delight in the Lord & rejoice in His awesome goodness to us today. 

Yesterday at Bethel was a day of blessing indeed.  Firstly, our assistant pastor & his family returned safely from a two week vacation.  Their flight was delayed significantly & they did not arrive at home until 1:30 Sunday morning, but they arrived for which I praise the Lord.  Secondly, the music yesterday at Bethel was enriching to our hearts from the congregational sings to the choir to the offertories.  PTL for the incredible helping hand that godly music adds to a church service!  Thirdly, we had a raft of wonderful folks who came to sincerely worship the Lord.  The fellowship was sweet with God’s people & the presence of the Spirit of our God was obvious.  So it was a blessed day in many ways indeed.

I was touched by the choir number, “Free from Guilt & Sin.”  The choir was obviously more comfortable having their choir leader directing them & we were the benefactors.  The men particularly sounded robust & the blend of sound with the ladies was outstanding.  Then we enjoyed a violin offertory of the wonderful song, “Complete in Thee.”  Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher treated us to the marvelous sound & the words on the screen reminded us of the great spiritual truth of it all.  Miss Anna Carpenter accompanied her on the piano for a genuine royal treat.  I preached on “Confidence in God” from Psalm 27:1-3.  The congregation seemed to be with me throughout the message.  PTL for such a time as this.

In the evening service we also had blessing galore.  The choir number was replete with rich full harmony that added to the service.  The testimony time was active, vibrant, & stirring as we heard of God working through many of our people in recent Gospel encounters that warmed our hearts indeed!  The offertory was a big bass with its deep resonant sound.  It is a powerful instrument that was manned by young Joseph Burt.  It had a great sound & was accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Emily Blewett to “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead us.”  Pastor Seth preached from James 4 on dealing with humility in 4:9.  We were convicted by this message & moved to evaluate “our acceptable sins” which we not only tolerate but enjoy.  As I said, it was convicting.

So yesterday was a blessed day in the Lord here at Bethel.  If you were not here, you missed a good one!  But then … Sunday is coming again in just a few days. 

Pastor Stertzbach