Blessings upon you today!

I hope this email finds you well & encouraged in the Lord.  We are experiencing some outstanding weather here in the desert southwest.  It has cooled off into the low 90’s for us which is premium weather.  PTL for relief from the brutal 100+ days of the summer.  Now we get to the good stuff. 

Yesterday was a good time in the lord from many angles.  We had a family of four get baptized & then join the church after the morning service.  Now, that is a blessing to everyone involved!  Also our children’s Sunday School is growing as is the young adult SS Class!  Both of these are excellent signs for today & the future. So there is cause  for rejoicing & sincere praise to the Lord for good things indeed here at Bethel.

As usual the music in the church services was good.  The choir sang, “Make my Life an Alleluia” which was touching & stirring with the nice touch of a very soft landing at the end.  Good job, choir!  The offertory was a trumpet solo by Mr. Lance Owen accompanied on the piano by Pastor Seth.  The words on the screen to “Tell Me the Old, Old Story” were refreshing with the precious sound from the brass & piano sound.  We read Psalm 57:1-11 in preparation for the message on dealing with the calamities of life.

The evening service was down in attendance, but these days MOST churches have long ago abandoned their evening services.  I realize we are fighting against the tide of the times by maintaining a viable evening church service on Sundays.  The church culture has changed in this country.  In my not so humble opinion, it appears to me that even churches have yielded to the idea that Sunday is “play day” instead of the Lord’s Day.  Sports, picnics, shopping, & parties are the order of the day on Sunday afternoons & evenings instead of putting the Lord first & making it His day to be worshipped.  But … I am glad to have a people who acknowledge the Lord’s place & seek to worship Him all day on the Lord’s Day as He rightfully should be.  I am just saying ….

Pastor Seth’s piano solo offertory of a special arrangement of “I’ll Tell the World I’m a Christian” was delightful!  He makes it look so easy on the keyboard.  Frankly going different directions with two hands, & one’s feet on the pedals as the eyes are scanning the page of music at 100 miles per hour are bewildering to me.  I think all musicians must be geniuses. Following the offertory we had eight stirring, spontaneous testimonies that included praise, some tears, much rejoicing, & many amens!  Seth then preached from James 5:7-8.

So there you have it from Bethel in Tucson.  Our God is always the same & gives us the assurance that we can always trust Him.  As the old song says, “Only trust Him, only trust Him, only trust Him now!”  PTL.

Pastor Stertzbach