Cool Weather and Warm Fellowship

It was a rainy early morning here in Tucson.  We are not used to such things, but we are thankful for the rain.  We needed it so badly.  PTL.  But rain has bad effects on the church attendance of Zonies.  And even though the rain long stopped before church time, it was enough to discourage some from coming.  Others were prohibited because of the weather change which affected their fibromyalgia, their arthritis, & various other ailments.  We missed all of the folks who were adversely affected, but in spite of the paltry attendance, it was a good day of services.  The LORD was here for all who showed up.  And we had good, warm fellowship in Him!  Let me tell you about it …

We have a new wave of children in Sunday School which is good encouragement to the children’s teachers!  They are full of energy & eager to learn from the Bible.  I heard a parent ask their child Sunday, “What did you learn today.”  And they joyously told their parents!  BTW, our Sunday School attendance overall has been increasing which is a salute to our whole Sunday School staff.

The morning service this past Sunday had incredible music!  The choir began in unison together in their opening & then broke into heavenly harmony.  It was an amazing sound & only surpassed by the truth in the song, “It Is Well with my Soul.”   Well done, choir.  But the offertory was fabulous too!  Miss Anna Carpenter on the piano accompanied Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher on the violin for “Rejoice, the Lord Is King.”  The combo of Anna & Liz was musically amazing & spiritually exalting to all of our souls who were listening!  PTL, I was ready for the rapture when they finished.  Then Pastor Seth had the congregation sing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” which was the icing of the cake.  Wow.  It was a blessed time of worship.  I then preached from your favorite book in the Bible, Leviticus 18:22-30 on “Serious Sexual Sins.”  In a day of sensual carnality even in last days’ churches, it was a much needed message of warning, rebuke, & teaching.  When we left on Sunday morning, everyone knew they had been to church, not a religious show.

The evening service featured the full choir singing “Alleluia” in gorgeous sound.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Emily Blewett on the piano that contributed significantly.  It was a blessing.  Pastor Seth preached from James 4:13-16 on “How do I Consider God’s Plan When I Do Not Understand.”  A couple of quotes from the message are:

  • “Our arrogance assumes our success.”
  • “There is something bigger than you that you can accomplish in your life.”
  • “There are practical atheists in this room right now.”

Sound good?  See what you missed if you were not there? 

Well, that is the weekly report from Bethel.  May God bless & guide you through this week.  I am truly thankful for a friend like you.  Thanks for stopping by today & reading this update!

Pastor Stertzbach