February 23, 2015

Decisions now … decide … destiny forever.

She had made a lot of bad decisions in her life.  She was a harlot & known by all of the citizenry in her home town of Jericho as such.  The local ladies avoided her.  They whispered about her & disdained her for her chosen occupation.  Her choices in life were awful almost all of the time, but this one time she made the right decision & it affected the rest of her life & her whole family too!

And Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive, & her father’s household, & all that she had; & she dwelleth in Israel even unto this day: because she hid the messengers, which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho.”  (Joshua 6:25)

The leader of the Children of Israel at this time was Joshua.  Moses had passed away, & Joshua sent spies into the land to scout out the possibility of invasion.  Rehab was a citizen of Jericho who aided & abetted the spies on the promise that they would spare her & her family at the invasion of her city.  That singular decision spared her life & that of her family.

Decisions that you make NOW decide your destiny forever!  It was true for her & it is equally true for you.

When I was a kid just before junior high, I had some rough characters for friends.  One hot summer day as we sat around talking, someone came up with the “brilliant idea” of breaking into a local school just for kicks.  Right from the get-go, I thought that was the craziest idea I ever heard of.  Firstly, why would anyone want to break into a school on summer vacation?  I was thrilled to death to be out of school & I had no desire to be back in there for any reason! 🙂 Secondly, it was dangerous, against the law, & wrong.  Nope, I decided right then & there that I was NOT going to be part of this caper!

My friends at first tried to persuade me, but I was not budging.  Then they tried to deride me as a coward & finally as a mama’s boy who was afraid of doing it.  That one almost worked, but I knew I was afraid, not of getting caught, but of displeasing my God, dishonoring my family, & disobeying the law.  All of their berating, cajoling, & personal attack was not going to work.  I had made up my mind.  I did agree however that I would not “rat them out,” but that day I made a life changing decision that would affect me for the rest of my life … & so did they!

As one would expect, they eventually got caught & all of them got sent to the juvenile detention center.  There they were in proximity with juvenile delinquents that became their bosom buddies & ultimately their partners in greater crimes in the future.  On the other hand, I had headed in the exact opposite direction.  While they were in detention, I made new friends in the local church who loved the Lord & wanted to serve Him.  That one decision had a profound effect upon my young life even to this very day.  Why?

Because … decisions that you make now decide your destiny forever!

And the decision that one makes regarding Jesus Christ affects one’s destiny for all ETERNITY.  Rahab (& I ) had made a lot of bad decisions in her life.  But there was one life-changing decision for her that affected everything else.  And that is the way it is with your decision to accept eternal life through Jesus Christ or to reject what He did for you on the Cross of Calvary.  One decision leads to eternal life … the other leads to eternal destruction.  And the decision that one makes now decides one’s destiny forever.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  (Romans 10:13)

Pastor Stertzbach