Greetings from gorgeous Tucson!

We had a beautiful weekend here in the SE desert.  The weather was perfect & the illnesses were less than recently.  PTL for good news on several fronts.  

Yesterday was cantata day here at Bethel.  That involved taking all the chairs down in the auditorium, bringing in tables (round & rectangular) & in setting them all up with chairs for our guests.  Then covering them with tablecloths, lamps, & accoutrements to enjoy the evening presentation by the church choir.  It was a lot of work, but we have a people with a heart to work.  It was torn down & put up by an energetic crew of young people, families, single adults, & seniors who all worked together.  “Many hands make light work.”  Then after the evening service, everything was taken down, but we did not re-set the chairs.  The carpets are being cleaned by Mr. Steve Near today.  THEN, the chairs will be re-set & ready to go for Wednesday night.  Like I said, it has been a busy weekend!

The morning service featured Christmas carols delightfully sung by the willing congregation.  Then Mr. Lance Owen on the trumpet coordinated with Pastor Seth on the piano for the wonderful brass sound of the old song, “There’s a Song in the Air.”  The choir also blessed us with the joyous, happy song, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”  The wonderful harmony set the stage to tantalize us all for the evening of Christmas music just before us.  And we were not to be disappointed.

The evening service had a warm Christmassy ambiance with the perimeter lights all around the auditorium, the soft candlelight on each table, & the stage lights on the choir.  The entire choir acted as readers of the narration to add to the warm-hearted music & to the delight of the listeners.  It was not the biggest crowd that we have ever had at the Christmas performances, but we had several visitors & guests in addition to the church family.  Afterwards, the choir served the cookies & goodies that the church family had prepared for each table.  It gave guests time to speak to the performers afterwards, & allowed hosts at each table to talk with visitors about the Gospel that was presented. 

It was indeed a busy day AND a busy whole weekend for most folks at Bethel.  I am so appreciative of the dedicated folks that went the extra mile to make this event so nice for everyone.  The choir worked extra hard & did a splendid job.  The church family supported the performance in every way from providing the refreshments to tearing down & setting up after both morning & evening services!  It is a beautiful scene to see God’s people serving together in harmony & love to the glory of God.  And yesterday was just such a day.  PTL from Whom all blessings flow!

Pastor Stertzbach