Happy Thanksgiving!

It is that blessed season again wherein we are reminded to be thankful.  BTW, this season is purely an American holiday motivated by our Christian heritage for which our nation was originally founded.  PTL for the deep roots of Thanksgiving here in America.  I am preaching about that tomorrow night at our Annual praise Service at 7 PM.  Don’t miss it. 

Yesterday was special time for me.  As my time here as pastor winds down, I am relishing every service as would be expected.  In the morning service, the choir sang a thanksgiving arrangement, “Come Ye Thankful for the Beauty.”  It was a combination of those songs & a joyous praise reminder for us all.  The ladies opened with the men echoing.  Then they reversed that. Our hearts were truly blessed by their song of praise!  Then in the pastoral opening prayer I publicly prayed for Pastor Dan Budgick here in Tucson & Pastor Adam Thompson in Texas as well as Pastor John Uit de Flesch in Charlotte, NC who has a church to mostly immigrant people.

The offertory was a treat for us.  The church orchestra was led by Pastor Seth & they played “The Solid Rock”.  What a pleasant privilege as we praised God in sheer blessing!  Thank you, orchestra.  The congregation then read together with me from Luke 17:11-19 & I preached on “How Thankful Are you?”  I felt connected to the congregation through the Spirit.  PTL for that.

In the evening service the choir did not sing, but we had a couple of extra congregational songs.  Also the testimony time was rich with Attorney Mark Chadwick sharing an experience recently with a collection of young grads & soon-to-be attorneys who are Christians!  He got to give his testimony to them & then to answer their questions about how to be a CHRISTIAN attorney in these last days.  Wow, what an opportunity, huh?  This was an unusual testimony but one which allowed us to praise the Lord significantly.  We were also graced by the piano solo offertory by Pastor Seth of “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”  The beautiful keyboard sound & thoughtful, heart, touching words on the screen were a good pointer on his message which followed from James 5:13-18.

Yesterday we had a returning snowbird couple with us again.  A visiting mother of one of our families was with us also.  Dave & Ann Lind was delighted to have their son Andrew & his family by their side for the service also.    BTW, a female child trusted Christ as her Savior in Master Clubs this past Wednesday night & she was in the services all day yesterday too.  PTL for all of these good things yesterday.  We indeed have much for which to praise our Great God! 

Pastor Stertzbach