Hot, hot, HOT!

That is where we are in the desert right now.  We have a heat warning out.  Does that tell you something in a place where we expect it to be over 100 degrees every day at this time of year?  Whew, it is brutal at this time of year, but PTL for A/C! 

We had a lot of people away yesterday.  Some are on vacation; some are up north for the summer; two families were in the hospital; & some were just goofing off.  So the attendance was disappointing, but on the plus side, we had two first-time families in the morning service!  That is a blessing in my book any day!

The choir did an extra special job in the morning service singing “Redeemer” accompanied by Miss Anna Carpenter on the violin.  It was indeed a musical & spiritual treat for us listeners!  The offertory was a piano solo by Mrs. Emily Blewett of “Since I Have Been Redeemed.”  It also was heart-warming.  A missionary couple from Baptist Mid-Missions was also with us for the AM & PM services.  Our hearts were blessed.

The evening service featured a guitar offertory solo by Pastor Seth.  It was a calm, quiet acoustical guitar selection of “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” with a whole new sound.  The choir of eight ladies & five men reminded us of how God has been faithful & stirred us to pledge our faithfulness to Him in turn!  My heart was touched by their number.  The Jewish Evangelism Day here at Bethel caused us to see lost Jews & Gentiles who need the Living Hope of the Messiah.  It also was a good reminder of our need to tell others.  I was particularly touched by the salvation testimony of the missionary who told how that a tract was miraculously used to help bring him to Christ!  We sometimes discount how a Gospel tract can find its way to a needy soul, but he got one that had been discarded on the ground.  Someone else found it & gave it to him at a strategic time in his life when he was seeking God!  Isn’t our Lord Wonderful? 

That is about it from Bethel for today.  The offering yesterday was good.  The fellowship was sweet with God’s people.  And the presence of the Holy Spirit was palatable in both services.  PTL from Whom all blessings flow!  To God be all the glory.

Pastor Stertzbach