Howdy from Tucson!

It is 82 degrees here today & absolutely perfect weather.  No humidity, no windy breeze, it is just perfect.   

Yesterday our attendance was up a bit.  We had three first time families with us.  One of them was from California however & another was a snowbird couple.  But still it was delightful to have them with us & one of them returned for the evening service.  We also had a returning new family in the evening service. 

I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in the morning service in a fresh way.  The choir sang an old Charles Wesley text to a fresh new tune.  Wow, what harmony there was from the get-go!  The powerful Bible truth of “The Depth of Mercy” was tremendous.  Pastor Seth then accompanied his wife on the piano to her trumpet solo of “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.”  Baby Noah’s mom & dad did wonderfully on this upbeat, stirring offertory.  It combined a couple of thanksgiving songs that moved our hearts toward the thanksgiving season.  I preached from Psalm 37:23-26 on “The Steps of a Good Man.”  I felt unusual liberty in the preaching time, & God’s presence & work amongst us. 

After the service, Bro. Dave Lind met with the congregation to discuss moving forward in the pastoral search process.

We were blessed by having Miss Audrey Henderson, a missionary on deputation to the Philippines, with us in both services.  During the AM service, she spoke to the children in Children’s Church.  In the evening, she gave an audio-visual presentation of God’s call & direction to her to serve in the Philippine Islands.  A spontaneous question-and-answer time followed her presentation which allowed the congregation to find out more about her impending service.  She hopes to leave for the field during the summer of 2020.  She currently has 73 % of her financial support.

The offertory was a cello solo by Joseph Burt accompanied by Mrs. Emily Blewett on the piano.  The words to the song were on the screen, but the rich mellow string sound was a blessing to us all.  After all, we are a church seeking to “Make Servants for the Savior!”   We have seen Joseph grow up & he has developed into quite a good musician.  That gave me opportunity to speak to the church family about investing in their children’s lives by giving them music lessons wherein they can serve the Lord for the rest of their lives rather than encouraging them only in sports which will pass away quickly when they become an adult.

It was a good day in the Lord here at Bethel yesterday.  There were wrinkles here & there.  I do not want to imply that it was a perfect day by any means.  Pastor Seth was ill all weekend, but he came & labored in his infirmity anyway.  Please pray for him for his restoration.  He is still not feeling well at all!  Thanks so much.

Pastor Stertzbach