Labor Day Weekend

It was a holiday weekend, but we were not affected as much as some holidays.  PTL for that.  Our attendance was not impeded & the general spiritual tone in the church family was good last Sunday.  PTL for all of this.  Also we had a couple join on Sunday morning.  That is ALWAYS an encouragement to the family especially when the new members jump right in & get involved as these did!  He was in the choir on Sunday night already.  Another big PTL!

The choir sang a new song, “Break Forth, O Joyful Heart” which was an upbeat song of encouragement.  And it did the job for us too!   There were good coordinating sounds between the men & women in the choir.  It was delightful.  Then Pastor Seth played & sang of God’s keeping grace with the words keynoting that “He will hold me fast!”  I then preached  from Acts 9 on “When the Scales Fall Off.”  I’ll just bet you can imagine what that message was all about. 

The evening service had a larger choir than the morning with six men & eight ladies.  The ladies opened & then the men sang alone with a very mellow sound, but when they rejoined together it was delightful!  The song of praise by the choir, “None Like You” was a blessing to all in attendance.  Then the offertory was a trumpet solo, but here is the kicker.  I had just mentioned in the announcements that Miss Shirley Ward was having severe breathing issues & we need to be praying for her.  Not realizing what Mr. Lance Owen was going to play for the offertory, it was one of those things that God so regularly does in a service.  He played, “God will take care of you.”  My heart was elated & encouraged.  We then had a brief testimony time with some stirring accounts of God working in our lives.  Pastor Seth then closed out the evening with his sermon from James 4:11-12 on “Stop Speaking Evil of your Brethren.”  It was on target & to the point.  And we all got the message.  BTW … it was not a knee-jerk message either.  It was not because of some bad talking in the church family.  Rather it was preventative spiritual medicine because it was the next passage in the exposition of James chapter four.  PTL for his faithful delivery of the Word.

So there you have it from another Sunday at Bethel Baptist.  My heart was blessed & stirred by the events of this Lord’s Day.  BTW, I hope you had a nice holiday on Monday for Labor Day.  I surely did.  PTL!

Pastor Stertzbach