Master Clubs Awards

On Wednesday nights, we have a program called Master Clubs for children 4yrs old through 6th grade. In Master Clubs, the boys and girls memorize Bible verses and do different projects that are designed to teach them Bible truths and principles. The program runs from September to May each year, but due to the COVID restrictions, they were not able to have their regular meetings for the last two and a half months. So our dedicated workers took up the challenge, and coordinated with the parents to have Zoom meetings each week.

This meant more work for both the workers and the parents—more planning and coordination for the workers, and more oversight for the parents. Last month, we got to see the end results of their labors. In spite of the difficulties, every child present was awarded with multiple awards, many of them finished all of their work, and some even started on their work for next year!

Congratulations to all of the kids for their efforts, and thank you to all the adults who worked to help make them successful!