October 6

I preached last Sunday morning on the Fickleness of Lost Man from Acts 28:1-6.  There were a lot of sub-lessons in that particular message such as listen to the man of God when he speaks for God about our benefit.  Paul told the ship captain to NOT make the dangerous trip because the Lord had warned him.  Of course the lost captain did not listen & the price was the loss of the entire cargo of the ship AND the loss of the ship completely.  Lesson for us: listen to the man of God when he speaks the truth from God!  Another lesson was the kindness of the barbarian people on the island of Melita after the shipwreck.  As they were generously kind to the 276 shipwrecked mariners, it is a vital lesson for God’s people who are instructed in Hebrews 13:1-3 in Christian hospitality.  Lesson for us: to be kind to each other as brethren, but also to strangers, those in prison even if they are rightly there, & to those who are afflicted.  We dare not go merrily on our way when God brings others into our path who have special needs!  Another lesson is how fickle that lost people are.  When a snake bit Paul, the lost barbarian people thought it was because he was guilty of some heinous crime & he deserved death, but when he did not die or even swell from the venomous bite, they changed their minds & called him a god!  Lesson for us: lost people are unstable in their decision-making because they have no rule for truth.  Therefore they are fickle & vacillate from one extreme to another.  Is this not a picture of the world today?  Oh, there were other lessons in the message also, but these were the defining ones & hopefully life-changing ones!

The choir’s outstanding message of “Be Not Afraid” came through loud-and-clear!  At least it did to me.  I had a hard week as my wife, Diane was admitted to Tucson Medical Center on Thursday in excruciating unbearable pain.  The choir song ministered to me that God would see us through the flood, the fire, & the trials!   It was based upon Isaiah 43:1-3.  PTL for its soothing, encouraging help to every soul that heard it last Sunday morning including mine!   Mrs. Emily Blewett’s piano solo offertory was “Here Am I, Lord.”  It was encouraging & cheerfully delightful especially with its missionary emphasis on our missions emphasis this month.  Then a special treat was Mr. Lance Owen & his older brother, Clint, who sang a vocal special entitled, “Nothing But Leaves.”  Our hearts were blessed by these faithful servants who both lead their children’s church ministries in their respective home churches.

The evening service had the choir again ministering wonderfully in song.  The offertory was a trumpet solo by Mrs. Autumn Clark accompanied by her husband on the piano of “Lord, Send Me Anywhere.”  The words on the screen were a clarion call blazoned by the beautiful brass sound to God’s call to serve Him:  “Lord, send me anywhere only go with me!”

After a testimony time, Pastor Seth preached from James 5:7-11 on Inter-personal relationships with each other.  Some notable reminders were:  “Don’t grumble against other believers!”  “Grumbling is a sinful, selfish reaction to brethren.”  “Do not respond to other believers with sighs or groans when things are not the way you want them.”

It was a good day in the Lord.  I was dead tired when I got home from church Sunday night.  L  I had spent the day in the house of God & all afternoon at the hospital with Diane.  But it was a wonderful day of serving, loving, listening, & rejoicing.  And isn’t that what worship is all about anyway.  PTL.

Pastor Stertzbach