This is the latest & greatest from Bethel ….

Yesterday was officially vacation Sunday.  About half the church was gone, it seems, on vacation.  The numbers were unusually low as is noticeable in the choir.  We had a total of 8 in our choir yesterday.  They were small in number but strong in voice & sound!  We thoroughly enjoyed their song entitled “Affirmation of Faithfulness.” 

Miss Anna Carpenter did an outstanding piano offertory solo of “Master, the Tempest Is Raging.”  Of course that is a favorite song to me, but still, it was amazing.  It took right off at the get-go & was a perfectly lovely sound with great keyboard dynamics. Not only was it beautifully done, but it had a special dessert at the end which was exceptionally sweet!  I recognized publicly both her father & mother for their financial investment to her piano ministry that blessed us so.  I also acknowledged Mrs. Emily Blewett’s father & mother for financially supporting her in her piano lessons all those years & then making her practice when she did not want to.  Both ladies were such a blessing on the keyboard yesterday.

I preached from Isaiah 41:10 on “Fear Thou Not.”  Although the attendance was less than usual, the response was greater than expected!  We had a lady join the church yesterday morning.  Also a new family with two children returned from their visit last Sunday morning & they stayed for the Quarterly Church Family Meeting & the dinner after the AM service too.  So the tone of the service was good; the presence of the Lord was palatable; & the fellowship was exceptionally sweet.  PTL for all of His blessings even on a vacation Sunday!   

Pastor Stertzbach