Warm greetings from the whole Bethel Family in Tucson!

What do many churches do in June & July every year?  They reduce their services because folks are on vacation; the heat impedes church attendance; & it is not a conducive time with so much going on in the summer time.  Many of them stop having Sunday evening services in the summer.  Some curtail Sunday School then.  I even know of some churches that do not have ANY services for a month or two because of “lack of interest.”  Let me ask you a question about this.  Who do you think is pleased by that kind of action: God or Satan?  Exactly!  Who are we seeking to please anyhow?  I am glad that although attendance is rather paltry at this time of the year, yet there are faithful folks who are involved & faithful to ALL of the summer services.  PTL for folks like you!  

Yesterday was a blessing in so many different ways.  We had a new family visit as a result of VBS.  They said they are looking for a more intimate church from the mega-church where they have been attending.  It was a blessing to have them.  Another credible thing was the piano solo offertory by Miss Anna Carpenter.  Her rendition of “God of our Fathers” took off like a jet plane.  Then the second verse was more contemplative.  The piece was also punctuated with beautiful transitions.  Thanks, Anna, for a job well done.  We were also blessed by our church choir singing, “It Was for Me.”  They began in unison.  Then at the chorus the explosion of harmony warmed our hearts!  There was nice balance in the seven ladies & five men.  The words “It was for me He came” that were repeated in the chorus were touching to all of us.  The congregation then read together Nehemiah 8:8-10.  It was instructive as to why we do that in the church services too.  But the message was from verse 10B: “The Joy of the Lord Is your Strength.”  Another blessing was the Lord’s Supper at the end of the service.  It was a good morning all around!   

The evening service also had some delightful features.  The message from Pastor Seth from James 4:6 on pride was one of his best yet.  Some quotes are: 

“The root of spiritual adultery is personal pride!”

“Humility drives one to the need of God’s grace.”

“When one humbles self, God gives more grace.”

It was a spiritual treat to hear God’s Word preached, but it was also convicting about our own individual pride.  But in addition to the good preaching, we enjoyed a wonderful choral selection from the seven ladies & six men in our choir!  Then young Joseph Burt delighted the crowd with his cello solo of “Is your All on the Altar?”  He was so focused & his excellent performance got a number 10 on the church family amen-o-meter.  Truly it was a blessing to us all.  So again there were evening blessings as well as in the morning.  God’s favor was upon us all day long.  PTL for this joyous blessing.

That is the way it was here at Bethel yesterday.  This is just a brief snapshot, but it gives you an idea of the Lord’s Day here yesterday.  If you missed it, you missed a satchel full of blessings from the Lord.  

Pastor Stertzbach